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There's no monkey business here - just the best voice-over talent and the industry's strongest producer's teaming up to create a signature sound that will make your station the top banana in your market.

Male talent



Big Steve

Ben Blankenship

Jay Brandon

Chris Click

Matt Cowlrick

Bill DeWees

Bob Dunsworth

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Mike Goral

John Guidry

Choose a Demo: 

Greg Hunter

Choose a Demo: 

Matt Kelley

Andrew Kelly

Steve Kelly

Jay Kennedy

John Kerber

Austin Keyes

Jeff Klinger

Choose a Demo: 

Roger Leopardi

Billy Michaels

Marty Moran

Jack Murphy

Brian Nickels

Greg O'Brien

Sean O'Neal

Mark Osborne

AJ Parrish

Jerry Pelletier

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Brian Roffey

Rich Van Slyke

Dave Steele

JP Stevenson

Jerry Thompson

Clay JD Walker

Moose Warywoda

Neil Wilson

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Chris Zaharis

female talent



Janet Ault

Lori Bradley

Nicole Britton

Michelle Fisher

Valorie Knight

Becci Martin

Donna McKenzie

Jules Riley

Anna Vocino

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